Why Right Choice Financial?

Why BFG Planning

Right Choice Financial is committed to providing you with quality financial advice and services based on your needs, goals and current situation.

Right Choice Financial offers a full range of financial services which include retirement planning, investment advice, superannuation advice, self managed superannuation fund advice, direct property advice, mortgages and tax advice. Our advisers are committed to ongoing training and education so that their knowledge is up to date with the most recent economic and legislative changes.

What makes us different? 

We are independently licensed and owned which means we are not aligned with any financial organisations like a bank or insurance agency. In today’s ever changing financial landscape it is important to get unbiased advice from someone you trust and that has your best interests at heart.

What makes BFG Planning different

We take a holistic approach to financial advice

Our adviser’s work to understand you, your attitude to money and investment risk, what you want to achieve and where you are right now. It may be as simple as rearranging your budget, making smart decisions about saving and investing, or protecting yourself from the unknown.

In understanding what you want, we’ll develop a plan and show you how to move from where you are now to where you want to be. As you reach milestones, different life stages and as other things in your life change, elements of your plan may need to change too. We can show you how your money can work harder—earning you more and costing you less. And by identifying any financial risks you are exposed to, we can make sure you look after what’s important to you.

How we support our local communities and sporting clubs

Right Choice Financial supports a number of local sporting clubs as we believe sport is a great way for kids and adults to stay active and develop valuable life skills. To discuss the potential of Right Choice Financial supporting your local club please contact us.

Supporting our local communities
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To discuss the potential of Right Choice Financial supporting your local club, please contact us.